Healthfinity Meals Cares for Your Nutritional Needs

We offer food that is rich in nutrients, we know how much the human body requires basic essentials like fiber, vitamins, minerals, etc.

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Natural ingredients

Focusing on the Metro Detroit area, we prepared an appetizing menu for those on the lookout for nutritious meals to improve their everyday diet while grappling with time and leading a busy lifestyle. You will receive freshly cooked meals brought to you by one of our friendly drivers. Our food is meant for individuals and families looking to improve their health, also helps athletes trying to perform at their highest levels take in the proper foods needed to fuel the athletic type body.

Our Founder

Our food is especially meant for individuals and families concerned about their health and fitness along with athletes and those that want to perform at the highest levels.

My name is Deanna the creator of  Healthfinity Meals and the delicious items on the menu. I specially created Healthfinity meal prep company to help maintain a healthy diet while managing everyday lifestyles. I was a trainer for 10 years and nutrition counsellor, the biggest downfall was diet and not knowing what to eat after my clients left the gym, so I designed recipes for anyone trying to reach an overall health goal or just needs to eat better for any reason.

I mastered flavor and healthy which gave me the motivation to create mouthwatering, can’t put your fork down menu items that feels guilt free eating your favorite entrees while getting healthier at the same time. Enjoy homemade savory and creamy sauces, mixed spices & herbs, and a variety of delicious dishes! Remember “You are what you eat” so eat right and feel good!

Our Mission

We are trying to improve our local communities one body at a time to help improve the percentage of local obesity and illnesses and help anyone who is trying to make a difference to look and feel their best! Improve mental health by providing proper nutritious foods that increase brain function, and increase your energy!

Taste, decadence, and health seldom go hand in hand, that is what Healthfinity Meals is known for, amazing taste is rare when it comes to meal prep companies but we mastered all three! Eliminate the stress of eating bland boring healthy foods and try us! You can have a consultation with us and based on the same, we will provide customized meals for you.

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Customize Your Meals

Customize your own meal plan by choosing how many meals you need to get yourself on track. So many options to choose from, Mix & Match any items to create a meal plan that gets you excited to eat healthy every day.

Our luxuriously and nutritiously tasty menu is comprised of select meats, salads, vegetables, rice, chicken, pasta, fish, muffins, smoothies, and more.

We give our clients the option to share their weekly or monthly diet plan with us. And we then provide them with their required meals accordingly. If it is a weekend and you are tired of having the same staple breakfasts, you can contact us and we will make your Saturday or Sunday morning special by providing you with a special brunch that will be healthy and tasty!

And if you are thinking of something else other than customized or diet-specific meals, you can explore our Chef’s Choice or Signature collection that will again leave you pleased and satisfied.
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